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About the course

We are in a unique position to be able to offer IDTA Level 3 Teacher Training to students age 16+.

This course is also OFQUAL regarded and hold further UCAS credit.

If you are under 18 you will need to have completed an 'Intermediate' level IDTA grade.

If you do not come from a Theatre Dance background there will also be the following L3 - Dance Teaching Assistant in Freestyle Dance or P1 Diploma in Acrobatic Dance available to you.

From 18 years+ there is the option to study the L4 Diploma in Dance Teaching. This is a full qualification giving you the status of a fully qualified dance teacher.

We further off these courses as CPD for qualified teachers through workshops alongside providing Licentiate and Fellowship in all theatre styles as well as freestyle. 

These qualifications will open doors for you to teach at your current dance school or at dance studios around the country,  offering you opportunities for part-time work while you study.

Course options

L3 Diploma

The objective of the Level 3 Diploma in Dance Teaching Assistant is for learners to develop knowledge and understanding of syllabus requirements, safe dance practice and dance teaching so that they may assist in dance classes, usually helping to teach groups of students for a specified period under the supervision of a qualified dance teacher. The qualification does not confirm status as a dance teacher.

L4 Diploma

The IDTA Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching will be the first level of the Association's professional dance teaching qualifications and prepares the candidate to teach dance in their chosen genre.

Acrobatic Dance Diploma

Musical Theatre Diploma

Street Dance Diploma

We also offer qualifications in these three styles. For more information please enquire via email.

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