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Our Alumni

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"I remember my first day at Elite like it was yesterday. I was terrified to be starting dance as a 12 year old boy with no previous dance training. I turned up and the second I arrived all of the teaching staff and the students made me feel at ease. There was no judgement, just support and encouragement. The classes were always fun, friendly and easy going as well. Elite was never trying to pretend to be something, there was no pretentious energy that often surrounds dance schools. I saw improvement in myself really quickly, and this lead the Elite staff to keep pushing my training by giving me little solo bits to do in the Elite showcases, thus building my confidence. The training always felt like you were getting a personal experience as well. Elite would bring the best out in who YOU are as a dancer, not try and mould you into something you’re not. The curriculum was thorough and allowed me to reach examination achievements such as GCSE Dance, and various IDTA grading across a wide range of dance styles. By the time I reached an age where I was thinking of auditioning for further education in Musical Theatre, the worries I used to have about my lack of dance ability didn’t hold me back anymore. I went on to gain places everywhere I applied, and I’m now a professional performer in London’s West End. People always seem to say “you’ve got such clean lines when you dance” to me after a show, and I always think to myself “thanks to Elite”."

Joseph Griffiths Brown, Original west end cast Hamilton and Frozen

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