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Jumping Dancer

Childrens Academy Classes

We offer a range of classes from ages 18 months+. Please see below the range of styles we offer. If you wish to enroll your child, please email us with what styles they are interested in and their age. We will let you know what classes we have available!

Classical Ballet

The base of all dance training where musicality, core stability, posture and strength are developed. Ballet encourages confidence and discipline as well as developing imagination. PREP- ADVANCED 2 STUDIED IDTA AND RAD MAJORS. We are delighted to be part of the chance to Dance programme for the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera House only 4 schools within the West Midlands.

Pointe Work

Pointe work is taught separately in a beginners pointe class for students who show the strength and ability to move onto pointe shoes. This is by the teachers discretion.

Modern Jazz

Based upon modern dance technique with elements of different styles of jazz influences such as traditional jazz,blues, percussive etc. modern jazz is a broad aspect of today’s contemporary modern styles. OPEN CLASS AND EXAM WORK FROM PREP –ADVANCED 2

Theatre Craft

This is a class which works on the fundamental dance training for musical theatre and commercial styles. Classes include stretching and strengthening exercises alongside learning theatre terminology and the importance of being an adaptable dancer and a good all rounder . Girls learn to dance in heels and boys get to dance in their own routines. EXAMS TAKEN PREP-ADVANCED 2.

Tap Dance

One of the oldest forms of dance . In classes students are taught about rhythms and tap technique . A relaxed form of dance which is a fun way to keep fit and has rewarding benefits.


This class is based upon graham and release techniques with floor and progressive exercises to help the student become aware of balance and counter balance , strengthening the core and developing expression.


This class develops flexibility and strength and works on floor routines . Rhythmic gymnastics is also introduced. A great addition to dance classes. EXAMS ARE TAKEN IDTA PREP TO GRADE 6

Musical Theatre

Students study drama monologues , Song and dance solos. Exams are taken and these classes help prepare students for auditions for pantomimes etc . IDTA MEDALS ARE TAKEN.

Adult Classes

A range of dance classes designed to suit adults no matter the level!

Kinder Dance

A mix of Ballet and Tap for ages 4+

Mini Movers

Ballet, Tap and Theatre Craft combo class for ages 6+

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