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GCSE Dance

This course is suitable for students in year 9 to year 11. We study the AQA syllabus which covers both practical and theory units. The practical units are comprised of choreography tasks and dance performance tasks, and the theory units look at the study of professional dance works alongside an understanding of dance technique and performance. This course is studied over one year which starts in September with the practical moderation taking place at the end of the second term and the final written exam in the summer.

A Level Dance

Year 1: AS level suitable for students in year 12. The AQA syllabus requires the students to choreograph a solo piece from a selection of questions provided by the exam board, perform a group dance performance and to complete a written exam made up of questions that assess the students appreciation of dance.

Year 2: A2 level suitable for students in year 13 who have completed the AS level. Again the students are to complete both practical and theory units; the practical units made up of a group choreography task and a solo dance performance piece, and the written exam focusing on analysing a set work alongside an area of study of dance looking at contextual knowledge and technical appreciation.

A Level Drama

This specification is designed for students who enjoy reading and watching plays and taking part in drama, as a performer, director or designer.

The structure of the specification at each level, AS and A2, is one written unit (60%) and one practical unit (40%).

At AS, the written unit consists of the study of one set play, in terms of its performance potential, and of live productions seen during the course. At A2, the written unit requires the study of a further two set plays.

In the practical units, both AS and A2, students present a performance, working in a group. Students choose one of the following skills:

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Costume design
  • Mask design
  • Set design
  • Technical elements: Lighting and/or Sound

The written units are externally set and marked. The practical units are internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by a visiting moderator.

AS outline

  • Unit 1: Live Theatre Production Seen and Prescribed Play
  • Unit 2: Presentation of an Extract from a Play – Practical

A2 outline

  • Unit 3: Further Prescribed Plays including Pre-Twentieth Century
  • Unit 4: Presentation of Devised Drama – Practical.
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